At Medican, we are passionate about helping to improve the quality of life, through medicinal cannabis, for individuals who have not found relief from traditional medicine. If you share in this passion, have a desire to grow and develop with a business and are open-minded, check out our current opportunities.

To apply, please send your cover letter and CV, in English, to

Master Cultivator

A Cand. Agro with a minimum experience of five years. This person is accountable for the harvest of Medican crop. Responsibilities include and are not limited to scheduling, feeding, breeding, processing, organizing, troubleshooting, recording data, carrying 5kg-25kg, cleaning. While this person will be working primarily with plants, people are part of the business too. This person is a strong leader and a solid team player. He/she is open to giving and receiving feedback to improve self, employees and the business.

Cultivation Technician

As part of the cultivation team, this person has a passion for nurturing plants. He/she has a thirst for knowledge about the cannabis industry and is willing and open to learning. Responsibilities include and are not limited to feeding, trimming, recording data, carrying 5kg -25kg, cleaning.

Compliance and Legal

A Cand. Lawyer, Lawyer or Cand. Merc. Jur with experience in start-up business. This person will be responsible for all communications with the Danish Medicines Agency and other relevant boards in connection with Medican’s business areas. He/she is accountable for Medican compliance with all announcements, laws, rules, compliance and processes both internally and externally.

Security Chief

An experienced security officer with responsibility for all physical security inside and outside, access control and surveillance. This person has experience in the military or police force. The head of security will be responsible for the safety of the Medican premises and team.

Laboratory Technician

A qualified pharmacist with managerial experience. This person will work with the production of cannabis intermediates and ongoing testing of cannabis production.