About Medican


Medican prides itself on practicing compassion and dedication with our plants so you can count on consistent quality in Medican products, every time, to relieve pain.

Medican improves quality of lives by cultivating medicinal, clean, top-quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabis with compassion, sustainability and integrity.

The team behind Medican consists of Danish and foreign forces with years of experience in the cultivation of medical cannabis in the United States and Uruguay.


Board of Directors

Our Story

Medican is a Danish LP of medical cannabis, founded in 2017 and received license to cultivate medical cannabis in Denmark in December 2017.

  • OCTOBER 2017

    Medican A/S and 100% owned subsidiary Medican Pharma ApS is formed in Denmark

  • OCTOBER 2017

    The Danish medicine Agency introduces Medican Cannabis programme and open of applications to cultivate

  • DECEMBER 2017

    Medican receives license to cultivate medical cannabis in Denmark

  • JANUARY 2018

    Medican raises USD 2,5 million for expansion and growth

  • JANUARY 2018

    Medican begin to build state-of-the-art facility of 30.000 square feet of in-door cultivation area, 5.000 square of production facility and 4.000 square feet of office/administration

  • FEBRUARY 2018

    Medican forms in a JV, Medican International Ltd. which will apply for a license in during summer 2018

  • MARCH 2018

    Medican acquires 50,5% of Nube Serena B.V. A Uruguayan LP with 75 ares of land for producing industrial hemp with rich CBD

  • MARCH 2018

    The Danish government introduces subsidies to cannabis patients. Dying patients get 100% of the cost covered and all other patients get DKK 10.000 (USD 1.500) covered a year

  • APRIL 2018

    The Danish Medicines Agency introduces new legislation on cultivation, production of products and export on cannabis end products – active from July 1st 2019

  • MAY 2018

    Medican Pharma applies for a license to produce, import and manufacture cannabis end products

  • MAY 2018

    The Danish Medicines Agency and Danish ministry of Health expect to introduce cannabis bulk export from January 1st 2019